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Over the past four years, I've been dedicated to creating an incredible health and fitness community for women of diverse cultural backgrounds to improve their health together! Today, Amanah Fitness is one of the largest online fitness communities for Muslim women and a trusted source for motivation, fitness and ethnic health resources!

As a PhD Student in Health Psychology (named Canada's Top Fitness Prossional of the Year 2018!), I'm passionate about speaking & writing evidence-based articles on motivation, psychology, habit formation and cross-cultural fitness. I'd love to share my research and knowledge with your audience! 

This page showcases some of the places we've been featured, samples of my articles, and how you can get in touch with me if you feel we’re a great match!

👈🏽Fun facts: When I'm not teaching as a health advocate, I'm an avid active adventure traveller and Scuba Diver! My favourite adventure so far has been cycling 300KM across New Zealand! 🚴‍♀️⛰

As a PhD Doctoral Student, I am a passionate educator! Through my research-based articles, energizing workshops and motivational keynote speeches, my goal is to provide health and fitness tips & strategies that audiences can actually implement... with the power of psychology! 

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Awards &

Awards & Nominations...

Canadian Fitness Professional of the Year 2018 (CanFitPro) Amina Khan was named Top Fitness Professional of the Year - Fitness Instructor Specialist at the Closing Ceremony of the World Fitness Expo 2018 in Toronto. Watch Amina's acceptance speech and get exclusive event coverage here.

Top 4 Canadian Muslim Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018 The National Canada Muslim Awards for Excellence (MAX) Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes an inspirational Muslim Entrepreneur who has had a significant and positive impact on the community through their business leadership. Amina was nominated as 1 of the Top 4 Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2018. Read more

Scholar of Change 2017 Amina was awarded the prestigious Scholars of Change Award in recognition for her global impact towards health education as a PhD Student. Walden University’s Scholars of Change focus on the future to change lives through education. Read more.

Featured Articles & Writing Samples

Our articles communicate the newest research on the psychology of health, motivation and habits in a simple, practical and easily digestible format for the average reader. By infusing personal anecdotes, stories and visual infographics with cutting-edge research, we are able to enrich the minds of our audience and empower them to make the changes they wish to see in their lives! 

Click any of the links below to read a sample of some of our featured articles!

Contributing Health & Fitness Author: ProductiveMuslim.com

ProductiveMuslim.com is a global leader in productivity & personal development. Amina is a regular contibuting author for fitness and health psychology articles. 

Featured Author: MuslimGirl.com

Muslim Girl Magazine is a bi-monthly fashion, beauty, and lifestyle publication for young Muslim women. Amina was featured as a Award-Winning Muslim woman and contributed articles on Ramadan fitness and health.

AlJazeera TV

Featured live on AlJazeera TV for my article on Self-Defense for Muslim Women

Our Story

Amina's mission as a health advocate began after her own 60-pound weight loss journey. When she found herself overweight, like many other women, she became frustrated with not finding a weight-loss solution that felt right for her or were culturally-sensitive.  

Amina started Amanah Fitness in 2014 to share her message that fitness is for everyone of all cultural backgrounds, regardless of how you dress or look! In a global climate of division due to race, religion and as Amina personally experienced, misunderstandings over her headscarf as a Muslim woman, Amina believes that fitness can unite and bring us all together! Amina hopes she can serve as a role model to encourage diversity and inclusion within the fitness industry.

Amina's popular 30-Day Amanah Fitness Bootcamp Weight Loss Fitness Program has inspired hundreds of women from diverse cultural backgrounds around the world to begin exercising at home. To address the growing need for culturally-sensitive health information, Amina spearheaded a collabrative initiative with medical and nutrition professionals across Canada to create RamadanReset.com, a comprehensive source for evidence-based fasting fitness & nutrition guidance. 

Today, Amanah Fitness is one of the largest faith-based online Muslim fitness communities! Amina has received accolades such as being acknowledged as Canada's Top Fitness Professional of the Year in recognition of her global impact on health education. Our team has grown to 6 dedicated members who are passionate about bridging the gap between culture and fitness education. Amanah Fitness provides culturally-sensitive no-excuse solutions to fitness to help everyone start a healthy active lifestyle. Because fitness is for everyone! 

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