Get FIT at HOME in 20 minutes a day with my 30-Day No-equipment Online Fitness Bootcamp for Muslim women!

No more excuses!

20 minutes a day. 5 days a week. Your time is precious, so you shouldn't have to spend hours at the gym to get fit! Amina's unique style of training combines HIIT training, TABATA, plyometrics, pilates & kickboxing to get you results in just 20 minutes a day!

Suitable for ALL fitness levels. Are you a beginner looking to start your fitness journey? Or do you already exercise but haven't been getting the results you're hoping for? Certified Fitness Instructor Amina Khan will help you reach your fitness goals no matter who you are!

No equipment necessary. Amina teaches a unique style of training that uses NO EQUIPMENT, only your OWN BODY! You will be doing exercises you probably have never seen before, but all you need is a little space and a great attitude!

Watch what Past Students Say About this Bootcamp...

"I have tried many fitness programs before this to keep healthy and active, and honestly have given up after a few weeks, either due to lack of motivation, lack of time, or just not having the energy to work out after a long day. I have to say that this 30 day program deals with all of these and more. Aminah is so energetic and encouraging, I feel motivated by her ongoing high energy. In general, the workouts are fun (love tabata!), effective, and not that hard to fit into a schedule." - Shazli Shethwala (Guelph, ONT)

"I am a working mum so I used to feel tired but since I joined the 30 day bootcamp I have been more energetic alhamdulillah. I really enjoyed the workouts with Amina because she is soo encouraging! At first I was not sure if i could manage but her motivating words made me manage. She has designed the workouts to be comfortable and manageable for any fitness level be it a first timer or an experienced person. I have never felt soo active in my entire life thanks to Amina and Amanah fitness." - Maryam Hassan (Mombasa, Kenya)

"Amazing, amazing, amazing! I've always had trouble following a set work out routine due to lack of time, interest and motivation. Aminah is such an encouraging and engaging instructor. She keeps it interesting throughout. Once I started her program I actually started enjoying myself and found myself having no trouble finding time for my quick daily work out with Amina. Aminah's program is just perfect since you are able to do her daily work outs according to your own personal schedule. It was just a perfect fit." - Rubana Chowdhury (Mississauga, ONT)

Busy Mom?! Workout with your baby nearby & set a great Amanah GET FIT Active Mommy example!

Class Schedule - 5 days a week, only 20 minutes per day! Anyone can commit to 20 minutes a day. Here's the plan for the month.


Amina Khan is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Health Psychology. She is a CANfit-PRO Certified Group Fitness Instructor Specialist and founder of Amanah Fitness. Her mission is to help others improve their health, via physical exercise and nutrition programs that are practical and life-changing, after her own 60-pound weight loss journey five years ago. 

Amina knows how to get you maximum results in the shortest time possible. Her classes are all about inspiring you to develop STRENGTH and TOTAL BODY HEALTH. There's no innappropriate skin showing or loud annoying music. This is wholesome, faith-focused fitness to truly make you feel your best from the inside-out!


►► What equipment do I need to join the workout? Nothing! Amina teaches a unique style of training that uses NO EQUIPMENT, only your OWN BODY! You will be doing exercises you probably have never seen before, but all you need is a little space and a great attitude! So no excuses! :)

►► How long is the program? Set aside just 20 minutes a day to feel amazing! The first class is a little bit longer (45 minutes) just to go over some important basics about form &&function. After Class 1, all workouts are 20-23 minutes long including warmup &&cool down! This program is 30 days (5 NEW workouts a week) and can be repeated every month for best results! 


►► I'm a beginner. Can I do these exercises? Of course! Amina's training is suitable for ALL fitness levels, from beginners to advanced! She provides options and modifications for beginners so that YOU can finally start making fitness a part of your life! Amina has coached tons of beginners of all ages, so don't be scared! You will feel comfortable and be able to do everything in class, don't worry. Amina will take care of you! :) 

►► I'm advanced. Will I benefit from the workout? Oh-ho. Come ready to SWEAT, sista. We promise we'll give you a challenge you won't forget ;) Amina's class is unique because she caters to ALL workout levels to give EVERYONE the challenge and work that you need. And after training hundreds of sisters around the world, trust Amina, she knows what she's doing. :)

►► I have a certain medical condition. Can I workout with you? Ask your doctor if you are able to exercise. If your doctor approves, by all means, join us! Amina provides modifications to make exercises low-impact, as well. So if you are worried about your knees or you don't like to jump, don't worry! Amina's low-impact modifications will make the workout doable for you. 

►► I am pregnant/breastfeeding. Can I workout with you? Ask your doctor if you are allowed to exercise. IF your doctor approves, be sure to ask questions such as what level of intensity you should be exercising at, and any movements you should not do. Always adhere to your doctor's instructions during any exercise. Use Amina's low-impact modifications to reduce jumping and impact, if necessary.

►► What happens after 30 days? You have lifetime access to this program and can repeat the workouts for 30, 60, 90 days or how ever long you like! Amina's workouts can help take you from an absolute beginner to an advanced bodyweight trainer. The more you practice and use these workouts to develop your strength, the better your results! Each workout is different and challenges your body in new & unique ways! 

►► Is this class ladies-only? YES! We have a private ladies-only Facebook group for all our members to stay accountable and encourage each other on our fitness journeys. Please note, this class is a strictly female-only environment. Please do not allow ANY males to join or view your screen during workouts. This is an amanah (trust) to you from Amina and we hope you will please respect this privacy request.

Satisfaction Guaranteed ☻

We stand behind our products at Amanah Fitness, and we want you to feel confident when buying. You have a full 100% 7-day refund period to make sure the program is the right fit for you. If only everything in life came with that kind of guarantee, right? ;) 

Have more questions about the bootcamp? Contact [email protected]! :) 

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