Meet the Amanah Fitness Team - dedicated to your health success! 

Amina Khan
(Founder & CEO) 

Amina is pursuing her Ph.D. in Health Psychology. She is a CANfit-PRO Certified Fitness Instructor. Her mission is to improve health in the Muslim community after her own 60-pound weight loss journey! She loves working out, travelling, arts & outdoor adventures! 

Zohair Abdul-Rahman
(Head of Operations)

Zohair is pursuing his medical degree from the University of Queensland. He has a Masters in science with a focus on clinical psychology research. He obtained Ijazah in Islamic Theology and Hadith. He enjoys reading, playing basketball and hiking. 

Rafik El-Werfalli
(Media & Content)

Rafik is completing his Honours Life Sciences degree at McMaster University. He is involved in various initiatives and is passionate about health in the Muslim community. He enjoys playing soccer, hiking, climbing and web development.

Cara Joy Aydin 
(Community Success)

Cara is completing her Honours Kinesiology degree at McMaster University. She has studied exercise psychology, sports injuries, and fundamentals of rehabilitation. She coaches introductory women's parkour, and enjoys hiking, cycling, and travelling

Sarah Hussain
(Creative Producer)

Sarah is completing her double major in communication and religious strudies at McMaster University. She enjoys photography, videography, arts, reading, experiementing in the kitchen and playing basketball and soccer. 

Hajer Nakua
(Recipe Developer)

Hajer is completing her Honours Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour degree with a minor in history. She's passionate about community activism, healthy cooking & baking and enjoys reading about the brain!

YaQutullah Ibrahim
(Registered Dietitian)

YaQutullah Ibrahim MS, RDN, LD is a practicing Dietitian who has studied in the Unites States, Egypt and Malaysia and is certified in adult weight management. 
She enjoys writing, running, cooking & travelling.

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What is "Amanah Fitness"?

Amanah is the Arabic word for trust. As Muslims, we believe that our bodies are a precious “trust” to us from God, and we must be serious about taking care of this gift! In order to treat our bodies with kindness and respect, we must educate ourselves and our families on healthful practices. Living a balanced, healthy life has a long history as part of Islamic tradition. It is time to revive moderation in our community’s eating and activity patterns! 

Amanah Fitness seeks to promote nutrition and activity through research-based online programs to help YOU get in the best shape of your life!

Join Us in Creating a Healthier Ummah, InshAllah!

Personally, I love your webinars because I learn so many new things from them. 
Please keep such webinars coming as they help me (and im sure many others), in check. Jazakallah Khairun for 2 priceless hours of information and guidance for a better and fit lifestyle.
May Allah (SWT) grant you ajar for all your efforts, Ameen

- Amna A.

Thank You so much Amanah Fitness for all your hard work and your help to many of us who needs that help. 

I have been struggling for so long about my weight. I lose some but gain a lot and I keep telling myself that I have no time because of my studies. 

Thank you for giving us the platform to actually focus on our health. 

May Allah bless you and give you alot of sawab for your help :) thank you :) 

- Marwa H.

Jazakallahu Khair for your webinar! It was amazing Alhamdulillah!

I actually woke up at 3:30 am to attend the webinar and it was so worth it!

It made me more determined to eat healthier this Ramadan. May Allah make it easier for us!

May Allah reward you and those involved with success in this world and the hereafter, and of course success for Amanah fitness!

- Asma Z.